Christmas Around The World
Scavenger Hunt #1

Instructions: Read the question and follow the link to find the answers. Post your answers in a word document. Put the title, Scavenger Hunt #1, your name and grade at the top of your word document and number your answers. Once completed, print and turn in.

Note:  Clicking on the Internet Links listed on this page will open a new browser window.  Once you have found the answer to your question, just close that window and you'll return to this page so you can read the next question and find the link to the next resource.


  1. What kind of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India?
    Internet Resource:
    Christmas in India

  2. Christmas trees are not commonly used in Greece.  What is the main symbol of the season in most Greek homes?
    Internet Resource: 
    Christmas in Greece

  3. In Holland, what do children leave in their shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas's horse?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Holland
  4. Latvians claim to be the first to use Christmas trees.  In what year was the first documented use of a Christmas tree in Latvia?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Latvia

  5. Mattak, a special delicacy, is eaten in Greenland at Christmas.  What is mattak made from and what do people say it tastes like?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Greenland

  6. In Sweden Christmas celebrations begin on St. Lucia's Day.  What is the date of this special day?
    Internet Resource:
    Christmas in Sweden

  7. What is often the traditional Christmas Day meal in Japan? 
    Internet Resource: 
    Christmas in Japan

  8. What is the traditional Christmas greeting in Pakistan?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Pakistan
  9. What is the date of Christmas Day in Serbia?  (Hint:  It's not December 25!)
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Serbia
  10. A Russian tradition is to ________ on Christmas Eve until the first star has appeared in the sky.
    Internet Resource:   Christmas in Russia

  11. What is Santa Claus called in Madagascar?
     Internet Resource:   Christmas in Madagascar

  12. What is the Christmas tradition of the roraty in Poland?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Poland
  13. In Iceland, people celebrate 13 days of Christmas beginning on ______________ and ending on __________________.
    Internet Resource:   Christmas in Iceland

  14. What kind of fruit is often found in the stockings of children who live in the Canadian Prairies?
    Internet Resource: Canadian Christmas
  15. What is the main holiday decoration in most Mexican homes?
    Internet Resource:  Mexican Christmas Traditions